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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2011 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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components are present. hunters point and the hunters point mantra that it is the navy's responsibility. the e.i.r. states page 4 p 15 that there are only two sites with radioactive implications. sites 12 and building 233. but there are other sites including 31-33 and site 12, which makes up nearly 25% of the island, a claim that only a small sporgs contaminated is not accurate. the popular plutonium 229 has made an appearance. everywhere they have looked for it they have found it. remember, if the ground water is very high, you can put activated material in a foot of water and not see it. potentially much of the island is toxic.
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last week i went to treasure island to review it and it is public. i was told the minutes were not yet available for 2010 much less 2011. that is a cover up. first the island should be completely surveyed for contamination. at the end of the day, the navy will be presenting -- should you consider certifying the e.i.r. thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening commissioners and board members. my name is nancy shanahan here to urge you to please require the e.i.r. to be revised and recirculated to what are
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inadequate responses to comments, the main reasons for this request are the fundamental changes in the project description and objective since the draft e.i.r. and the comments and responses document were published on march 10. changes that are likely to impact the fiscal environment and the public has not had an opportunity to comment on. the changes started with the decision to abandon financing for i.d.f. financing and it has resulted in an increase in the amount of affordable house. that this has led to other changes. first the mayor's office has discussed new project alternatives that would reduce the loss of affordable housing by eliminating parks and other public benefits that were a pat of the description and objectedives. such alternatives must be analyzed and revised in
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recirculated e.i.r. second, because of the change in financial structure, a whole land use scheme has been proposed in the form of area plans and special special use district legislation but with a unique twist. all normal city planning principles will be handed over to an inexperienced body unaccountable to the public and the body politic in san francisco. in fact, that body will be a non-profit corporation and redevelopment agencies if they are abolished. part of these new land-use controls -- thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good evening. tom mccarthy. i'm a member of the carpenter's
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union. i have lived in the northeastern part of the city for 50 years. i have seen what has happened to that part of the city. it has been lost to low-income people. we have now the chance to build a new community which will embrace low-income people and i look forward to being able to see that from the part of the city that i live in now. there is no better time for the city to commit itself to a project such as this. the needs of the people of this city are -- you all know, are very great. and if we can proceed on this, you have seen from so many different groups, agencies, well-being of the cities as a whole, it is unmanageable to me that we cannot see to it that we continue to bring our interest
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to bear as this project unfolds including environmental concerns. there will be environmental concerns from here on out. we have the people here in the city that are more than capable of bringing the political and policy pressures to bear to make good on those concerns. i strongly encourage you to pass this e.i.r.. thank you. >> good evening, kathleen duely. i just want to add my voice to make sure this be reviewed again. too many changes so close to the hearing with not enough time to go over the changes and also my primary concern is public safety. i can't imagine why people are chuckling about the possibility of an earthquake. we all know we're in an earthquake zone. and to think that you're going to get 250,000 people off an island by fer -- 20,000 people off an island by ferry is
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insane. are you going to feel a little bit bad whern that happens and -- when that happens and many, many people die? i think it is worth spending a little more time on this e.i.r.. we all want to see treasure island developed but this is a huge thushu and it needs more time to be looked at. thank you. >> hello, my name is ed jeopardieson. i've been -- jepson and i've been a carpenter in this area for 23 years. we had an earthquake and i'm here to tell you that construction has ways to deal with these catastrophes. we have been dealing with them commercially and residently for years. and i also want to tell you that in 1989 while i was working as a carpenter, i also was able to
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put my daughter through college. she became a schoolteacher here and with the help of the union, now i have a son that is an apprentice and he is looking for work. so i would like to think that it is good for the city to give jobs to young people that can make themselves self-sufficient and contribute back to the city and our culture. thank you. >> my name is richard hanson. i've been involved in treasure island since 1978. 1948 when i first came here on the battleship iowa and landed here at treasure island. i think the project is very exciting. i think there are many rewards and i certainly am not opposed to making opportunities for people to have low-cost housing and jobs and especially the playing fields.
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it is a good way to keep people out of trouble, but in the morning newspaper, the "morning examiner" there is a map of treasure island but there is not indication that there is a sea wall around it. i think the one thing that they have learned, especially in japan in the last six weeks, is that tsunamis are very serious business. the full expectation is that the normal sea level will rise six or eights or 10 feet. these are predictable that it will happen sometime in the next 100 years. and i'm really concerned about who'll pay the cost of putting that sea wall up, which i think is going to be inevitable and what responsibility will the city of san francisco have if there is a devastating tsunami that wipes out all of that real estate without being bizarre
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about it, causes the death of many, many thousand s of people. we need to think about the thank you. >> my name is linda spence and i live on telegraph hill. i feel i share the views of many of my neighbors when i express support for the redevelopment of treasure island and i hope that you will approve the yire. -- e.i.r. thank you. >> good evening. my name is bob middlestock. i'm a residents of telegraph hill. first i want to indicate my strong support for this project. i would like to design and build things and i'm confident that the design team that will be hired to execute this project
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will take into account all of the negative factors that have been brought up here and there are many more i'm sure. i also want to make it clear that many of our fellow residents on telegraph hill do not agree with the t.h.d. leadership. in fact, we are strongly opposed to some of the negative effects on the community. fundamentally i do not believe they should be speaking or dealing with anything outside the boundaries of telegraph hill. i think the project, the treasure island project as originally designed, the unat rated version is going to provide a very beautiful view from san francisco and the east bay. thank you. >> good evening commissioners and directors. you can mark me down as being neutral on the e.i.r.
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i have my doubts about some of the transportation ideas. did i say my name 123467 jamie whittaker. i live in the rincon hill area. you may have noticed out of 700 folks, 32 children live in that building. the traffic issue is the big one for me. it is the big concern. walking up to market street to catch a metro train to this hearing, i observed a mother walking her stroller across harrison street at main street legally and a car lurged around from main street and laid on the horn and was honking at this mother walking her baby stroller across the street. we have a horrible traffic congestion problem right now. and i hope that we're right that
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we can set a congestion charge on the island so that the noolings have the one vehicle -- folks that have the one vehicle per one unit choose public transits but i'm doubtful. in my neighborhood, the rincon area plan has a one parking space for every two units unless there is some mechanical parking. some buildings have a valet because they are built for fwolings lots of money and they can afford to pay for those services to go get their car. in my building, ookt half of the 288 units -- about half of the 288 residentses do not own cars. they walk. i want to put on the overhead why it is so important that folks use public transit. there is a lot of folks that get
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hurt in district 6 and we can't afford to lose for -- thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. good evening, commissioners. my name is karen knolls pierce. i'm the chair of the citizens advisory board since it has been in existence for over a decade. during that time, we have had hundred dollars of meetings, i don't -- hundreds of meetings. i don't actually know the number. we have met at the tihdi board. we have met in subcommittees, on tuesdays, on wednesday, on thursdays, on saturdays. we have held meetings on the island at city hall, at the court, at the library and we have had numerous public
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meetings with opportunities for the public to express their opinion. we have a board of very involved and educated and challenging members who have discussed every element of the e.i.r. and we -- i know that the response time was extended for the public to give additional comments on this. so after a decade, everything has been vetted quite substantially. our cab met on tuesday where we voted to -- or we took action on recommendation to approve all of the transaction and entitlement documents of the 24 members of our board, 21 were present and the vote was 20-1. so it was overwhelmingly in support of the plan and the
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e.i.r. and i hardly encourage you -- hartey encourage you to certify -- heartily encourage you to support the e.i.r. thank you very much. >> my name is jennifer clary. i'm president of san francisco tomorrow. i'm passing out our very short comments now i'm doing short comments because i tried very hard to read the very long comments. i want to thank staff very, very much for incident to everything they could to make the comments successable. do you know that the attachment for this item was 200 megabytes. my computer crashed several times. staff kindly resent the documents but i still had a 400
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page attachment with no table of contents. it would be nice if we could have something a little more user friendly. i made my own table of contents and i'm not sure i got everything. i understand there was supposed to be a document that i did not see in the document. i'm not sure i got everything. anyway, to make a long story short, we really were looking forward to this proposal. we had some really great designs, especially about five years ago for a really sustainable development and i don't know if it is because of -- it is because of the, you know, master developer concept is just wrong or if it really wasn't feasible, but the fact of the matter was the sustainability of this project has eroded steadily over time and what we have now is a standard developer-driven auto-driven development that is just going to make traffic worse in an already constrained area
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and it is going to take reducing affordability and the people who live there, the low-income people who live there are going to be penalized because of a very poor, almost non-existent transit program that is poorly planned and poorly funded. unfortunately san francisco tomorrow cannot support the current environmental impact document nor the treasure island proposal. thank you. >> good evening. my name is judy irving and i'm an independent documentary filmmaker. i work with pelican media. i would like to speak for the birds. i would like to mention that the e.i.r. did not adequately provide for mitigation for the very tall buildings that are going to be built right in the
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middle of the bay. this is in the pacific flyway and the concerns of the sierra club and the a you had bonn society have not -- audobon authority. just as a way to step back from this a little bit, this is a huge project with very tall buildings built on an island that is essentially landfill. we are in an active earthquake zone. we have climate change. we have sea level rise. we have tsunami problems. we have seen all of this in great detail in jab in the last few weeks. and i think that with this 20-year buildout that you're talking about, i hope that you're not going to be sorry that you certified this e.i.r.
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because there are warning signs and there are people who are warning you that this is not a smart development. it has also expanded radically from the way it was first proposed. i just think that we should try think ahead to what might happen and what could happen on that island to the people living there, stuck there in the case of a really bad earthquake and tsunami. thank you very much. >> commissioners in, good evening, saul bloom, archaeology. it is no longer adequate to effectively represent the project. i support the comments of my
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colleagues from telegraph hill, sierra club and others. it has been the work for the benefit of san francisco since 1991. i was a member in 1949 and 1995 we -- 1994 and 1995 we sued the navy to kick start the cleanup. in 1996, we started despite our concerns about ferry and transit. the problem for me is that the balance struck by the prior project has been undone by the new units of housing. nothing in the comments and responses gives me comfort that our concerns have been understood and that recent changes to the plans in response to governor's efforts that we find very discomforting. anyone who sat in traffic who
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has ever sat in traffic for two hours to pay and arm and a leg to cross the george washington bridge or the lincoln tunnel knows that when incentives for driving are there, people will pay the price. saying that what is overstated, the impact to the project and the e.i.r., it is barely adequately posted in the april 21 memo. the adjustments to the plan have changed. the project of the point of requiring circulation, we should not shrink from measuring twice to cut once. in the long run, it will be the shortest route to a sustainable project. thank you very much. have a good evening. >> president olague. president cheng. my name is aaron peskin.
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let me see if in 1:43 i can cram at least 15 years of history into the next 1:46 seconds. let me fast forward to 2003 when the department of the navy issued an environmental impact statement for 2840 dwelling units for 6895 people on treasure island in the year 2003. the record of decision on that e.i.s. was that the impacts to transportation biling, at thetics, air quality and noise would be --s a thetics, air quality and noise. we need to build a more dense development and indeed as a member of the board of supervisors, as the president of that body in the year 2006, that body voted unanimously to balance a number of public
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interests with 6,000 units. in 2010, the mayor's office average and tihdi decided to raise that to 8,000 units. the impacts to traffic are phenomenal to the east bay. you'll see 42 unavoidable significant, unmitigateable impacts in the e.i.r. that is before you and that was before the world changed again and governor brown brought the whole concept of redevelopment financing into question and the public benefits to affordable house wrg reduced to 25% but that is a 17% reduction. the impacts have been increasing. and the public benefits have been eroding and the e.i.r. you have gotting and i have seen as of april 12, 41 pageses and it was brought to my attention
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yesterday, 96 pages in additional changes. i do not want to ask how many of you commissioners have read those documents but let me say it was not possible for me to read them. it is unlikely that you have read them. i cannot believe that you know what you're voting on. >> thank you. >> madam president. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comments? >> hello, commissioners. my name is vince courtney. 261 in san francisco. we have 3,000 men and women who need work. i'm here today to speak favor of this project. we understand that sometimes things change a little bit but the men and women that rely on us and rely on you to make the decisions that need to be made wanted me to come here and tell they need these job opportunities.
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they need to pay their rent. they need to pay their mortgage. they need to pay for their cars and they need you guys to make difficult decisions and make sure that the treasure island project happens. please do the right thing. don't politicize this issue and move this project forward for san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment on the e.i.r.? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? madam president. before we go to the commission, we need to call the item into the record. so if you would just indulge me for a moment. >> please. commissioners you are calling item number one and two. you are now at consideration of
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finding some final action. the public hearing for this category is closed. you're considering item one case 2007 point 09 e. you're considering certification of the environmental impact report. >> commissioner antonini? getting ahead of >> thank you. good evening, president olague and cheng and members of the commission and board. i'm rick cooper from the environmental planning section of the planning department and also with me are victoria wise who provides analysis for the e.i.r. and andrea of the planning staff. the item before you is certificate figureation of the final rory for the development
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project. the proposed project would include development on treasure island and nearby buena island of up to 1,000 residential units. commercial and retail space. up to 100,000 square feet of new office space. up to 311,000 square feet of commercial and retail space and 500 hotel rooms. new and or upgraded public and community facilities, a new combined police and fire station on treasure island. new and/or upgraded public utilities. cultural uses such as a museum. new and upgraded streets. bicycle transit and pedestrian facilities.
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waterside facilities. land site services for an expanded marina. a transit hub. the project would also include several infrastructure improvements including geotechnical stabilization to improve seismic safety. the proposed project woled include specifications, programs to encourage transit use, design standards for panels on most roofs, recycle water use and most features promoting sustainability. the copy of the draft is before you. the draft rory was published on july 12, -- e.i.r. was published on july 12, 2010. public hearing closed in 2010.
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it was distributed on march 10, 2011. today we also provide you with it that has earlier testimony available on the rack in the back that has provisions to correct minor errors on the e.i.r. copies of the memo are also available. you have also received a memorandum data which describes certain changes which occurred following publication of the comments and responses including a change in the government's structure and documents under which it would be implemented. designed for development that have occurred since the march 5 2010 draft was circulated. this was sent to all interested parties and